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FiXato.Co.UkFiXato.NL — My Domains/Homepages.
My MSN *Shrug* Space (IRC'ing is a way of life -- ever ranting to survive.) — For my Bookmarking, Blogging and Ranting needs.
Profile PageWiki Profile Page — If you want to know more about me :-)
My AllPoetry Page — For my Soul‘s Letters.
DeviantArtGalleryRenderosity ArtGallery3DCommune ArtGallery — For my Graphical Doodling.

Contact Info:

Name:   Filip H.F "FiXato" Slagter,
Position:Co Net-Administrator for the Chat4All IRC Network
E-Mail:  FiXato [at] Chat4All [dot] Net
Nicks:   FiXato, FiXato-AFK, FiXato_Odie, Odie, DJ-FiXato

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